How to Release Unpleasant Emotions

How often do you pause and think of how your emotions affect your performance in the course of a day?  Do you know that your emotions are important for high level performance because they relate to your state of mind and this impacts on your behaviour, how you react to your environment and others around you.
Wouldn't  it be great if you can constantly be in charge of your emotions so you can get the best out of yourself, your team members and make a win of the day?
It can be useful for you as an individual to explore what emotions you are experiencing when performing well (or less well) and develop strategies to try to replicate them for subsequent performances. In this video, you will be shown a very simple technique, which you can use at different times to eliminate unpleasant emotions and regain your mental and psychological control.
Wondering how easy this would be?
Here is a video that’s going to show you how to supercharge your day, feeling great!

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