Leadership Training

We provide ideal learning solutions for you and your organisation on leadership development skills, communication and assertiveness, change management and stress management. All of our training and educational events are held across London and Essex, bringing you out on top.

Our leadership training allows participants to understand how to personalise leadership to the goals they have to achieve, the environment in which they operate, and the people they need to work with. This programme is ideal for executives early in their career, or those switching careers, who want to gain the tools to face a wide range of challenges.

Our Leadership skills Development course looks in detail at the four key elements of management and gives in-depth analysis of what is required to successfully lead the management function within an organisation.

Our Effective Communication and assertiveness training is a structured intervention aimed at helping participants improve the effectiveness of their communication skills as well as equipping them on how to be more assertive.

Stress Management Training

We provide stress management training to individuals and organisational teams as well as interactive workshops for anyone interested in being freed from the stress trap. Whether you are seeking knowledge about how to deal with your high-pressure work environment or just to figure out a work-life balance with no fuss, our stress management training is just right for you.

Our approaches and techniques can benefit people from any level, background or industry.
Our Occupational and Organisational Stress Management Training for managers and senior executives, is a 2-day course with contents including the definition and explanation of the theory of stress and its management with specific reference to occupational and organisational settings. The course is based on current research and practice.

Our workshops include training on how to relax and become more centred through creative visualisation. Even a few minutes in this state of deep relaxation is equivalent to several hours’ sleep. Once learned, they can be applied in any type of work environment, at home and even on the ‘go’.

All our trainings and workshops provide participants with in depth knowledge to recognise stress in self, employees and the organisation.

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Effective Communication training

Communication in the workplace is one of the most fundamental skills required to work in any role, within any business. The ability to express yourself clearly and be understood easily, is therefore of growing importance. To show adequate competence in your role, you must communicate efficiently, whether it’s through online communications, via the telephone, internal or external communications or in meetings.
Whether you deal with customers, clients, or just your colleagues on a daily basis, effective business communication is a skill which will help to ensure your progress through your career with ease.

Training For Keyworkers and Support Staff Working With Children And Young People

Not everyone can share their kindness. Not everyone can help others heal and grow. We know that it takes a special kind of person to give the sort of support and care that real key workers and care support staff give. Every client in a care setting is expected to receive quality, first hand care, and that is why we are here to help you build a team of support staff that can give your clients the best of care and support that will change lives and increase excellent service delivery for your organisation.
As a company we recognise that you strive to achieve for your clients; their wellbeing, safety, independence and enjoyment of life, and this can only be made possible by having the right quality of staff members in place. 
Check out our list of training courses that will keep your staff of support workers and key workers, always on top of their game.

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