Stress Management Training

 Would you like your managers to:
Feel more confident in tackling stressful situations?
Understand more about what causes stress?
Learn how to manage their physical response to stress?
Then, you are right to be here.

Basic Stress Management Certificate Training – One day workshop

In this workshop, participants will:

Learn how to identify their stressors and how to manage them
Gain better understanding of what stress is
Gain more awareness of how stress affects them, their colleagues & the organisation
Learn strategies and techniques for handling stress more effectively, and tackling the causes

Who is this training for?

Senior and mid-level Managers
CEOs/Executive Directors
Team Leaders
General Employees
This training and its content can be adapted to suit different organisations and the needs of their staff and levels of responsibility. For example, we offer a fully tailored course for Managers in how to recognise & deal with stress in their staff. All our stress management training are in line with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

Course objectives

At the end of this training, all participants will have:
an understanding of what stress is and identify attitudes around stress
an insight into the causes of stress in individuals & organizations
an increased awareness of how to recognize signs of stress in self & others
basic knowledge of techniques and strategies for handling stress
Good knowledge of how to deal with pressure and the difference between pressure and stress
an understanding of how to identify signs, symptoms and effects of stress on the mental, emotional & physical well being of an individual

Course Outline

Introductions and aims
In depth discussion of what stress is, stress vs pressure, recognising signs
Clarification of the symptoms of stress including effects on organisation, behaviour, mental, emotional & physical wellbeing
An in depth look at what makes us react in certain ways in stressful situations
Detailed discussion of external & Internal sources of stress
Development of strategies to recognise & deal with stress
Case studies for handling stress in staff (Managers only)
A variety of exercises to help develop stress management skills, including how to switch off the body's stress response when necessary
Small & large group discussions
Whole body relaxation
End of course review

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What delegates say about this course

Fantastic Training! Time well spent. I never knew I could discover as much as I did in one day, about managing stress. This is an eye opener and I will definetely be back to uplevel my knowledge in stress management.​

Linda, Store Owner, Westfields, Stratford
"The workshop was one of its kind and my highlight for the day was when we sat in a circle and took the place of the other person to feel their stress and pains. That really explained what we go through in our everyday lives, without taking cognisance of it."​

Maria - Manager at The Avalanche
"I am so impressed about the quality of the workshop and the competence demonstrated by the trainer.  It was simple yet, well loaded.​
Learning so much in one day, is definetely worth the time and the price"

Daniel Morris - CEO- Highlanders Inc, UK