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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the process of outsourcing your permanent recruitment processes to an external provider.
By choosing to outsource your own recruitment to Stress Free Executices on a permanent basis, we will become part of your in-house team, advocates of your brand and will take complete ownership of your talent acquisition strategy, from pipelining through to retention.

Our core RPO services span the full recruitment life-cycle for health and social care providers, health care organisations and pharmaceutical companies, and are completely bespoke to your organisation''s needs. We are an independent business and have developed our own recruitment technology platform. This means we can be as agile as our clients need us to be and to ensure they can adapt and grow their recruitment solutions as quickly as their business or people strategy changes.


Stress-Free Recruitment Services for you

Our effective recruitment methodology ensures RPO benefits your organisation in numerous ways; improving the efficiencies of the process, providing accurate reporting and developing talent management strategies to future-proof access to the best talent. All whilst delivering real cost savings. And it’s not at the expense of your organisation’s internal recruitment team.​​
One of the biggest ways we can save you money is time. Every minute that you spend on recruitment is a minute less spent on other areas of the business. Recruitment is an incredibly time-consuming endeavour, particularly if you’re juggling it alongside a hundred other jobs and responsibilities. There’s the initial task of writing and publishing the job advert, trawling through all the responses (CVS, covering letters, portfolios), arranging, preparing for and conducting interviews, and negotiating the final package offer. If you can’t dedicate sufficient time to the process, it will simply take longer and the position will remain unfilled. That’s one less person contributing to the development and growth of the business.
Furthermore, throughout the whole process you need to remain aware of any unconscious bias. Spotting it requires extensive training, which takes further time out of your busy schedule.
By outsourcing your recruitment requirements to Stress Free Executives, we are able to streamline the entire process. We will take control of the time-consuming administrative work and leave you to make the all-important hiring decisions. In addition, our services will reduce the need for you to pay high rates of commission on individual searches.

Choosing the recruitment package that suits you

Long term/ Permanent end-to-end RPO

This is a complete, full service outsourced recruitment that covers everything from sourcing, screening and assessment through to offers, onboarding & retention.
Operating a genuine partnership model, Stress Free Executives will work with your organisation to become your trusted resourcing advisor, bringing about cost savings through direct sourcing, improved quality of hire, an enhanced employer brand as well as consistent and compliant processes.
We work tirelessly to develop trusted relationships from the outset and introduce best practice recruitment into your organisation. No matter your objectives, we work collaboratively, using our proven methodology guiding you on a journey across four key stages towards a strategic resourcing partnership to transform recruitment from a transactional cost centre to a strategic profit enabler, supporting your future growth through the ongoing development of talent pipelines.

With our RPO model, the administrative and transactional burden of the recruitment process is taken away from your organisation’s in-house team and completely managed by Stress Free Executives, whilst being fully compliant and aligned with YOUR organisation’s objectives.

                                                                        Flexible Short term RPO

Flexible support to deliver high volume, short-term or specialist recruitment projects, incorporating the same services as end-to-end RPO, with a defined end date.
Our Fixed term/short term RPO services will provide your organisation with the expertise and scalability to source , attract and select the best-fit candidates, using the most appropriate and best-value channels, delivered within prescribed timescales. It’s easy to think of it as a short-term RPO solution, where we’ll tailor a solution to your specific requirements and deliver an unrivalled high-quality service as you would expect from a leading RPO provider.
By choosing our Fixed term/short term RPO services,you will gain access to a wealth of additional knowledge and information. Our in-depth reporting on the project will provide you with valuable insights that can inform any subsequent recruitment.
Whilst it does have a defined end date built in, the Fixed term/short term RPO service will still take a longer term, more strategic view of the situation,because we understand the importance of not just finding exceptional talent to meet your current situation but also assess your future resource needs. Unlike a recruitment agency, Stress Free Executives will proactively develop a talent pool specifically for you during the project or campaign, giving you access to pre-engaged candidates that will assist in any future workforce planning after the project has finished. This database is part and parcel of our core service.
Completely transparent with no hidden extras, our straightforward pricing provides the most effective rate of recruitment for any project, regardless of volumes required or the specialist nature of roles.

Immediate Talent Access

Our immediate talent access service gives you the opportunity to hire out talents on a pay as you go basis. More like an agency, but you have the flexibility of direct access to the talent of your choice and can have them fill in positions as at when required.

Why choose Stress Free  Executives for your Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

  • Flexibility of use
  • Affordable pricing system
  • Great ROI
  • Excellent after service care
  • Use before payment
  • No contract period

Stress Free  Executives Recruitment, building dependable employment links...


Stress-Free Executives make the process truly stress-free, while helping us thrive and make great progress and growing great talents to take our organisation to the next level.
After many months of turbulence and instability in our service delivery, we finally found the calm and growth we have always wanted when Stress-Free Executives took over our recruitment processes, helping us make a 15% increase in profit within three months.
The best investment our company has done in a long time is outsourcing our recruitment to Stress-Free Executives. We are grateful for your highly valuable service.
Linda Moke​
CEO, Dissons Health care
Kirk Pyke​
HR Manager,
Asmone Care Home
Vivian Morris​
Manager, Morris Lodge