Transformational Leadership in the work place


This course is for leaders, senior and junior managers, team leaders and business owners who aspire to create change, motivate and inspire others towards achieving success, build capacities and boost performance levels, in work place settings.
It is also about managing and understanding how your emotions affect work performance and relationships. It will provide you with comprehensive understanding of the concept of transformational leadership and the role of emotional intelligence in helping you as a leader, to shape your thoughts and actions, as a way to better coordinate and manage teams.

What participants will learn in this course:

  • What is Transformational Leadership?
  • How to improve your leadership skills
  • How to create positive organisational change
  • How to motivate and influence team members
  • How to show direction with vision and passion
  • How to enhance leadership effectiveness through emotional Intelligence
  • Managing and building good working relationship
  • How to fulfil organisational growth and structural needs without strain


Course Price per participant is £399. Courses run from 10.00am -6.00pm.       For course booking, information about venues and group booking discounts, call, 02032391281 or email: office


Hear from our participants

"This is leadership made easy. From the mindset shift, to the advanced leadership skills incorporated into this course, you are definitely coming out as a transformed leader"

Damian Harris
Customer Relations Manager,
Euclase, Oxford
"I had thought that there was nothing more to learn about being a great leader until I attended this transformational leadership course.
Learning some new decision making skills and building team capacity essentials were the highlights of the day for me".
Jummy Davies
Senior Care Manager,
Care UK

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