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Key worker skills Training Courses
Working with Young Adults

This Key Worker Skills training courses focus on the roles and responsibilities of the key worker with vulnerable young people in line with legislation and good practice guidelines.

We believe that to achieve a successful and outcome-based care delivery, whether in a residential setting or young people outreach service, team members and support staff need to be strongly supported and provided with high quality training. The training programmes listed here are delivered by our top rated trainers, with at least 10 years of recorded level of success, working in the health and social care, withing the children and young people service.

The training will enable those in the position of key worker and those considering the position to gain insight and understanding with regards to the importance and difference this role can play both in the life of the learner and the clients that will be worked with.

Courses Summary

Each course syllabus covers such topics as:

Key worker Induction Training

Understand the role of a key worker in a residential setting
Understand the role of a key worker in an outreach setting
Codes of conduct and legal responsibilities, including accurate record keeping and report writing
Early help analysis, planning and review
Professional boundary management including personal and professional attitudes and values
Integrated and multi-agency working
Models of disability
Safeguarding children and young people training for support workers

What is safe guarding children?
Who is a vulnerable child?
What is abuse?
Types of abuse
How to notice signs of abuse
How to prevent child abuse
How to report child abuse
Legislations regarding child abuse and child protection
Safeguarding and risk assessment
Overview of early support and how key-working ‘fits’

Approaches to engaging and empowering young people in care settings Training

Understanding effective engagement
Identify key barriers to successful engagement – both organisational and personal
Understanding key motivators for young people
Key worker strategies and interventions
Using play as a medium for engagement with practical tools
Conducting a key work session and other more informal activities
Techniques in building confidence, self-awareness and motivation
Understanding how habits are formed and how they can be broken
How to encourage a proactive attitude and eliminate blame
Understanding the power of thoughts
Handling emotions and emotional intelligence
Developing effective communication skills and interpersonal relationship

What is effective communication
How to develop effective communication skills
Identifying Barriers to communication
Managing and overcoming barriers to effective communication
Effective listening skills
Mindfulness and empathy as tools for effective communication
Conflict resolution skills and reflective listening
Assertiveness and empowerment techniques

Tailor -Made Training

Specifically designed and developed to meet your organisation and team's particular needs where a mix of training and consultancy services could be offered. Contact us for more details.

We understand that your reputation is built on the quality of your staff and training will ultimately play a fundamental part in their approach to caring for others. To find out how we can help you, please email us at [email protected] or contact us using the methods below:
 (44) 203-2391-281
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Training can be delivered to a specific group or organisation, usually at a facility or a venue of
the client’s choice.
For More information about bespoke training arrangements, contact us by sending an email
us at [email protected] or contact us using the methods below:
 (44) 203-2391-281
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Course Rates 

All Key worker and support worker skills training courses are one -day  training from 10-5pm

£850 plus trainer expenses
Maximum 18 participants

"We have used many different training organisations to deliver training to our staff members, but Stress- Free Executives, have excellent understanding of working with children and young people with multiple and complex needs, hence their mode of training delivery, demonstrates experience, first-hand knowledge and empowering skills."
Deborah Menton, Executive Pathway coordinator

“We absolutely love using Stress Free Executives. Their training services are simply phenomenal. The delivery has always been of the highest quality and has received excellent feedback from all our employees. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a high-quality learning provider”.

​Fred Bank, Staff Development Manager

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Bespoke training for adult workforce carers and support workers

The care certificate induction
Manual Handling
Infection Control
Health and Safety
Risk Assessment in Care
Challenging Behaviour
Consent: Duty of care
Duty of Candour
Engaging and Empowering Young people
Effective communication and documentation
Mental Health awareness
Epilepsy &Buccal
Venepuncture and Cannulation
Train the Trainer
Safe guarding vulnerable adults
Personal Safety for lone workers
First aid and Basic life support
Child Sexual Exploitation
Catheter and stoma care
Safeguarding children and young people
Managing Stress in the workplace

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