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Online Emotional Intelligence Course
Lead with influence and create change with emotional intelligence

Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Online Course

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This course, ‘Online Emotional Intelligence Course: Lead with influence and create change with emotional intelligence’ is a leadership manual for beginners, and here are the things you will learn.

  • How to create positive organisational change and advancements, while helping individuals grow and be the best they can.
  • How not only to motivate others, but also how to motivate yourself to show direction with passion and a clear vision.
  • How to enhance your effectiveness through emotional Intelligence, managing yours and others’ emotions for best results in meeting team goals.
  • You will learn to help team members overcome limiting beliefs and strive for greater heights while fulfilling organisational growth and structural needs without strain.
The objectives that this course hopes to achieve include;

Walking you through understanding the concept of transformational leadership and helping you learn ways to effectively improve your ability significantly as a leader, using emotional intelligence, 

To understand the peculiarities of different situations through the use of insight, abilities and skills and adapt your actions for best results possible.