Communication Training

Communication in the workplace is one of the most fundamental skills required to work in any role, within any business. The ability to express yourself clearly and be understood easily, is therefore of growing importance. To show adequate competence in your role, you must communicate efficiently, whether it’s through online communications, via the telephone, internal or external communications or in meetings.
Whether you deal with customers, clients, or just your colleagues on a daily basis, effective business communication is a skill which will help to ensure your progress through your career with ease.

Effective Communication And AssertivenessTraining

This training combines the skills you need to communicate effectively, as well as assertively.
Assertive people are confident and have high self-esteem and are happy to express their own views and appreciate the views of others. Being able to communicate excellently will not only boost your assertiveness, but also increase your confidence and put you in control of your expressions. When you act assertively, you act with fairness and empathy, which demonstrates why assertive people communicate their wishes, views and desires with tact and responsibility and not with aggression.

This training is a structured intervention aimed at helping you improve the effectiveness of your communication skills as well as equipping you on how to be more assertive.
In this training, you will learn:

  • How to handle difficult conversation with ease
  • The underlying principles of assertiveness
  • The underlying principles of effective communication
  • To understand the different types and styles of communication
  • Questioning styles and focused listening
  • How to confidently voice your views and opinions
  • Types of assertiveness
  • When and how to be assertive
  • How to use body language effectively
  • How to use humour, commendations and criticisms appropriately

Interactive sessions are included in the course, to help you develop your confidence in asking more effective questions and improve your listening skills. Learning to become assertive means that certain things must change in the way you communicate, behave and manage your thoughts. Get ready to draw a personal action plan identifying the key changes you will be making after the training.
Please note all our training courses include three months additional FREE telephone coaching.
All our course only accept a maximum number of 15 delegates per class.

To book this course, or for further information about venues, please call: 
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Effective Communication and Assertiveness Training is a one -day course, and you can choose a location closer to you from our London locations.

Course price per delegate is £277

Discount available for group booking